Happy New Year!

I am hoping that 2016 is a prosperous time full of the best things for you. Looking back at 2015 I am amazed by how much this page has grown, how many new people are following and taking a moment to click on a like button or share my posts. It was a busy year for my photography venture. I learned a tremendous amount about the business side of things. I expanded my network of contacts in the business. I think the quality of my work, as a photographer, retoucher, set builder and business man has improved. I am very pleased with the number of publications that chose to include the product of many hours of hard work. Not all of that work was mine. I was very fortunate to find truly talented people to work with.

I think it is an unfortunate thing in this business that people often don’t get credit for their hard work. I have been very adamant with every shoot that everyone involved be recognized for their part. Moving ahead I want to continue that practice and encourage it among other photographers, stylists, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, etc.

I also intend to practice what I preach. I realized that I made a post on Instagram yesterday with the top 9 images from 2015 and did not give credit to everyone in the images so I took it down. It is not fair to all those people that worked with and for me to create these images. I certainly could not have done any of this on my own. If you are a casual viewer you are the ones that we work so hard to please. Thank you for your support last year and in all that is to come.

The following list of names are the ones the I am so grateful to for helping me bring the images to life. Other than the first name they are in no particular order. I start this list with the most important name. Without her there would be no Go ForWard Photography.

Wendy Ward
Peacock Blue Design Studio
Andrea D. Wynn – Stylist
Jessie Campbell MUA
Tamara Barnett/ Tennille
Hannah Elvington
Katlin Sumners- Model and Makeup
Rebecca Shelton Modeling
LuxBot Lächeln
Juelles Chester
Melanie Blankenship
Allister Greenbrier
Olivia Nicole
Sarah Moore
Sara Nicole Model
Kenyatta Ali
Nori Zay
Deborah Finleon / DJF Appraisal Services, LLC
Velma Rose
Terry Tocci Designs
Andre Wallace (www.voodooboi.wix.com/vbstyling)

Special thanks to the magazines that published our images in 2015:
ELEGANT Magazine
Kirameki Mag
VEUX Magazine
Giuseppina Magazine
Obscurae Magazine
JCK Magazine
Cynical Fashion Magazine
Dreamingless Magazine
Surreal Beauty Magazine