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Weekly Showcase #28

Between editing photos, planning new shoots and also working at my wonderful new job, I somehow missed the fact that one of my photos from the Mono No Aware: The Reign of the Sakura Empress editorial was featured in Weekly Showcase #28 at If you are into fashion photography at all you should spend some time on that site if you haven’t already. One of my idols, Melissa Rodwell, is a founder. I am incredibly honored and proud to see my work there.

 Join the Breed Weekly Showcase #28

Mono No Aware: The Reign of the Sakura Empress

The Adobe Create Now World Tour

I am excited to be registered for the Adobe Create Now World Tour in D.C. next month. It should be an entertaining and educational event.

Modeling News Roundup

Making the news! Well, the Modeling News Roundup on Model Mayhem.


Model Mayhem: Modeling News Roundup

First Publication!

I am very proud and excited to announce the publication of my first editorial shoot in the anniversary issue of Freque Magazine. I can’t thank the whole team enough for their work on this fantastic collaboration. I am particularly grateful to Peacock Blue Design Studio for making it all possible.

Photographer: Go ForWard Photography
Model: Willow
MUA: Dina Sadat
Designer/Stylist: Peacock Blue Design Studio


Sakura Empress 2

Getting ready.

Prepping for a big shoot today with Peacock Blue Design Studio, Katlin Sumners – Model and Makeup, and Adrian Nanney. It is going to be an epic shoot.

Stuff IS happening

A lot of great stuff is in the works. I can’t wait to share. We have been very busy and there will be some very special announcements and some new photos for you to see very soon. Thank you for your support and continued patience.

Patience is a virtue.

The shoot today went very well. Everyone did a great job. We worked right through the snow and freezing rain and got some beautiful images. We should have selections made soon and get the edits done. Once product is up for sale and on the website I will have some images to share.

Working with a new model today.

It’s going to be a busy day and I am excited! Getting ready for today’s shoot for Peacock Blue Design Studio with Katlin Sumners, Model Ready MUA-Hair and a new model named Margarita, from Russia.

In the works.

We’re working on getting images from recent product shots with Peacock Blue Design Studio retouched and ready for use on the web.

We are also getting images ready from our recent editorial shoot that will be submitted for publication and we are also putting together the team for another great shoot this coming weekend.

Sorry there has not been much to show here yet but I promise that we are busy behind the scenes and will have some wonderful images to share soon. Continue to stay tuned. Thank you all for your continued support!

Hello and thank you.

Hello everyone. I wanted to take a moment on this snowy (ugh, it’s still winter) morning to welcome the new visitors. Thank you for “liking” the page. I realize that there is not a lot of content here yet but I promise to have new images to share with you soon. Some of my previous work may make appearances but I really want this place to be about where my work is going not where it has been.

With that I will say that there are several new projects in the works. With the immeasurable help and guidance from Peacock Blue Design Studio things are coming together for what are sure to be some amazing images. The team is forming and ideas are swirling.

If you found this page first please go have a look at her wonderful creations.

So, thanks again for checking out the page. Stay tuned!