I recall being a small child and playing with a View-Master, clicking through the pictures of mysterious places. In my mind I was snapping those pictures and that toy was my camera. I later sold magazine subscriptions as part of a school fundraiser and earned my first little Kodak Instamatic 110 camera. When I could get film I snapped away for real but even when the camera was empty I would find myself  looking through the viewfinder. In college I managed to acquire a Pentax K1000 which served me well as I began learning how to actually be more in control of what ended up on the film and I was better able to keep the camera loaded.

At some point after college I got distracted by life and was not taking pictures on any regular basis. I found myself in a technical job with long hours and no creative outlet. As a solution I borrowed and started toying with my father’s very early adopted and soon abandoned Casio QV-10A digital camera. Then in October of 2000 I finally made the purchase of my first new digital camera, an Olympus C3040Z . This new technology made a dramatic impact on me and my ability to easily take a wide range of photographs then quickly learn from the results. With that little 3.34 megapixel camera I took some of what I consider to be my best photographs to date. However, I soon realized that I really wanted to take this whole photography thing more seriously and as technology progressed it became more and more apparent that I needed a 35mm DSLR. A Renaissance of sorts happened in my life when at last I bought my Canon Rebel XTi. Then came my first iPhone and I spent a lot of time taking and editing photos with my phone. All things considered some of my favorite photos ever have been made entirely start to finish with my phone. I guess my point in all this is that creating images is something that I have always done in one way or another. The tools may have changed many times over but it is still what I do.

The subject of my photography is changing as well. For most of the time I have spent learning how to use these various tools I captured images of landscapes, objects, architecture, occasionally wildlife or even just interesting patterns. I also spent a lot of time photographing products for the jewelry industry during my 20 year career in that business.  I have finally found myself in a time and place where I am able to shift towards fashion photography. I am making product, catalog, beauty and editorial images. Working with designers, hair and makeup artists and models is challenging, exciting and very rewarding. I appreciate all the various elements that each member of the team has to bring to the table to make an image a reality. It is a privilege to be the one to freeze that moment in time and shape it into something that can be shared.